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V2Soft Goes Green: Launches Recycling Program at Headquarters

December 31 2014
Author: v2softadmin
Launches Recycling Program at Headquarters

At V2Soft, we advocate, “Recycling Today for a Better Tomorrow.” V2Soft is actively working towards preserving and maintaining the environment we live in. Recycling is something that many people and companies are doing worldwide, and V2Soft is no exception. We are currently recycling most of our office supplies like paper, boxes, metals, plastics and electronics, through our various recycling programs, including the ‘V2Soft Goes Green campaign”. We recently partnered with the Royal Oak Recycling organization, which assists corporations and industries to recycle, and in turn, the majority of recycled items are then turned into new items/products within 2-4 days.

V2Soft also actively supports the preservation of endangered species and wildlife in India and across the globe through its organization the Wildlife Conservation Foundation, WCF India ( WCF India was founded in 2008, by Varchasvi Shankar, who as a Director of the foundation, has been actively involved with the organization for years and has a passion for preserving the environment. “I created the program to do what is right for the environment and play our part of saving our wildlife.  It is time we all did. We need urgently to create awareness and support efforts to preserve our wildlife for our future generations,” Varchasvi Shankar (President & CEO V2Soft). V2Soft employees actively volunteer for conservation activities managed by WCF. 

With every step, as V2Soft moves forward and continues to grow, we also make every effort to reduce our carbon footprint

Jessica Dues, V2Soft Sales and Marketing Executive, has recently spearheaded the project “V2Soft Goes Green”. She is a committed environmental activist, and recently remarked, “we have planned to implement this program in January-February timeframe and are going to be recycling far more than what we have in the past. Yes, we had recycling areas, but we are really going to push and encourage extra participation as it is what’s best for our environment”.  

Below are some important facts that many individuals are unaware of.  Just a few things to think about as we go through our day using that paper; many may throw it away here or there because, well, recycling just isn’t convenient. But did you know that in order to create one ton of paper it requires:

- Producing 2,278 lbs. of solid waste

- Producing 19,075 gallons of waste water

- 400 reams = 200,000 pieces of paper

- 1 tree makes 8,333 pieces of paper

- 1 ream (500 sheets) uses 6% of a tree

“Just think before you bin it, there could be some use in it! Do recycling…”