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V2Cares Has Kicked Off!

June 11 2015
Author: v2softadmin
V2Cares Has Kicked Off!

The team at V2Soft has recently kicked off a community driven, heart-felt initiative to work together to give back to the community.

Spear headed by Team Leader of the V2Cares committee, Jess Dues proudly states, “We have plans of doing quarterly events in the community as well as donating to charitable organizations which is something everyone is pretty excited about. Our first meeting was very energetic with ideas flying left and right as to what we wanted to do.”

In years past V2Soft has volunteered with soup kitchens, drives and donations - but this troop decided to take it to a new level of community involvement and get their committee to really be proactive in staying on top of different community contributions.

Some of their ideas included food and book-bag drives, completing marathons for foundations needing funding, Blood Drives, Humane Society events and so much more. Discussions on how to help our Green  initiatives with aerators for the bathrooms, Earth Day activities, and a few other items were also discussed.​

This trickled into our first community service effort at the Oakland Family Services and we did some yard work. “It was really nice getting together with my colleagues from different teams and getting to know them while we all were helping to clean up the kids play area and the facility. They really appreciated it and my son also enjoyed learning to do community work,” says V2Cares Volunteer Event Lead, Uma Ilapakurti.

“Our next goal is to hopefully get involved with mentoring programs – nothing is established on this front yet but it is in the works,” mentioned Cori Easely.

So with all these plans in store, our V2Soft team members are pumped and ready to give back! Feel free to follow us on Facebook to check out upcoming volunteering events and how we are giving back!