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How V2Soft Paving Way to Access Future Healthcare?

March 31 2020
Author: Blogauthor
V2Soft Paving Way to Access Future Healthcare

The healthcare sector is undergoing a disruption in the wake of new and emerging technologies. Technologies such as AI, Cloud computing, IoT are expected to transform the landscape of the healthcare sector. Healthcare providers need to leverage these technologies efficiently to offer better healthcare facilities to the consumers.

Two factors that are impacting the healthcare sector globally are:

Consumer Demands:

The demands of consumers have grown drastically in the past few years. Consumers now expect a more personalized experience. Also, they are looking for more transparency in healthcare. They also expected better facilities and infrastructure in healthcare centers.

Emerging Technologies:

Technologies such as Big Data, AI, etc. have made great advancements in the healthcare field improving the healthcare systems available to patients. These technologies also have a role to play in reducing the cost of healthcare services.

These technologies also help healthcare providers offer their consumers a better experience. Electronic health records and interoperability have also made transparency in healthcare a reality.

The Government in the US is not ignorant of these growing demands in the healthcare sector. Hence, it is also taking certain steps to benefit healthcare providers and consumers alike.

Healthcare Trends in the US in 2020

  • 2020 is expected to be a year of greater consumer influence.
  • The positive of healthcare in 2020 is the push by the Congress and administration for more interoperability, higher transparency in prices for drugs and hospital costs, etc.
  • Healthcare leaders across the US are now focusing on improving access and convenience in healthcare while reducing costs.
  • There is an emphasis on providing a digital and actively engaged consumer experience.

V2Soft, is an IT company based in Michigan, US. For over a decade, V2Soft has been leveraging technology to provide healthcare clients with business solutions.

V2Soft has experts in various emerging technologies who offer customized solutions to consumers, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical sector, etc.

How V2Soft is paving a way to access future healthcare?

Big Data

Big data has a “big” role to play in improving healthcare facilities. Big data enables using specific statistics from a population or an individual to research advanced treatments, minimize healthcare costs, besides curing and preventing the onset of diseases.

V2Soft empowers healthcare providers to make vital decisions that are based on research data instead of just their experience and background.

Big data enables healthcare providers to offer accurate diagnosis and treatment reducing errors. This reduces expenses, risks, and even may save lives. When data is collected from patients with the help of wearables such as fit bits, etc. it enables healthcare providers to prevent the occurrence of various diseases.

V2Soft helps healthcare providers adopt interoperability to enhance the quality of treatment and offering transparency to the consumers.

Big data is also extensively used by the pharmaceutical sector. It helps improve research efficiency, optimize innovation, and create new tools for healthcare professionals.


Interoperability is facilitated with the help of EHR (Electronic Health Record). These digital records can be viewed by different individuals involved in medical care as well as the patients themselves. Interoperability saves time because the details of the patient are available online and the patient is not required to relate details such as allergies to drugs, any prevailing health conditions, each time he visits a doctor. It improves the accuracy of treatment because the doctor has all the details available before him. Reports of any lab tests, etc. can also be viewed. The pharmacy also receives the prescription online and review for any medication conflicts prior to fulfilling the prescription.

EHR also facilitates care coordination. Care coordination is identified by the Institute of Medicine as a key strategy with the potential to improve the effectiveness, safety, and efficiency of the American Healthcare System.

V2Soft facilitates providing well-designed, targeted care coordination delivered to the right people improving the outcomes for patients, healthcare providers, and payers.

Hospital Management Systems

Hospital management systems in the coming decade are expected to undergo several transformations due to changes in living conditions.

One such aspect is climate change. Climate change has become a reality and it is going to impact our lives in more ways than one. The Healthcare sector needs to equip itself to cope with emergencies created due to climate change.

The Healthcare sector will need flexible systems that can adapt to situations such as spikes in emergency care due to extreme weather conditions or stressors such as poor air quality, etc. V2Soft is geared up to empower the healthcare sector to take proactive steps to cope with impacts due to climate change.

Apps in Healthcare

The next decade is expected to witness growing consumerism in the healthcare sector. As per Statista, the total market for mHealth apps is predicted to exceed 50 billion USD in 2025.

Patients will not only expect transparency by healthcare providers but also expect better facilities provided by the healthcare industry. With the rise of digitalization, the consumers will expect better methods such as apps, etc. to schedule appointments, get reminders, prescriptions, etc.

App development services of V2Soft create customized, scalable apps for healthcare providers and consumers.

IoT (Internet of Things)

People across the globe are more conscious about maintaining good health and preventing diseases. This has increased the use of wearable devices such as fit bits, etc. The global IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) market is expected to swell to a $158 billion valuation in 2022. (Source: Business Insider)

V2Soft offers IoT based systems that integrate data from wearable devices such as fit bits, etc. to analyze data such as eating habits, sleep patterns, etc. of the patient and offer virtual treatment.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

AI has already made a foray in the healthcare sector and its adoption is expected to rise in the next decade. AI has helped automate routine tasks like check-in, charting, filing medical records, etc. In the coming decade, AI will play a vital role in improving healthcare. While AI will enable accurate detection and diagnosis of disease, machine learning (ML) will facilitate better management of chronic health conditions in patients. The market for healthcare AI tools is expected to surpass $34 billion by the middle of 2020s. (Source:

To leverage AI and ML effectively, the support of experts who are expertise with these technologies is imperative. V2Soft has an exclusive AI division where the team-members are updated with the latest developments in the field of AI to empower healthcare providers to seamlessly integrate these technologies into their systems.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing provides healthcare professionals with instant access to patient data through secure portals. Besides, it offers unlimited storage and control. It enables a physician to store and access data in a matter of minutes. Besides, it also facilitates remote collaboration and data sharing. As per stats, the use of cloud computing in healthcare, which stood at $8.5 billion in 2018 is expected to grow over $55 billion by 2025! However, one aspect that has hampered the adoption of cloud computing in healthcare is the lack of skilled IT professionals with the necessary knowledge of the cloud. This is where V2Soft has an important role to play. V2Soft has a team of engineers with in-depth knowledge and experience in implementing cloud computing.


Although most routine activities in the healthcare sector will be automated by AI, it does not mean that the requirement of staff will reduce in all aspects. Staff will not only be required to implement and ensure the seamless working on the new technologies, but nurses will be required for patient care. V2Soft caters to all staffing needs of the healthcare sector.

Exceed the demands of your consumers in the healthcare sector by offering them the best of healthcare with the help of innovative technologies! V2Soft will empower you to transcend into the next decade with the emerging technologies to access future healthcare!