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Contract Staffing: Bridging the Gap in Global Resource Crisis

August 15 2015
Author: v2softadmin

Contract staffing represents a choice for your organization to do smart hiring that provides instant value to the actual output. Timely delivery of projects without compromising on the overall work culture is where contract staffing comes into play. With rising demand, growing optimism, and growing businesses, some of the fastest growing companies are increasingly concentrating on strategically augmenting their staff for near and future goals.

With V2Soft contract staffing solutions, you can delegate the ever-important task of hiring quality and skilled talent for short or long term requirements as your immediate needs as well as help in forecasting. Our staffing team will ensure that you get the best of talents that allow you to:

  • Accelerate the hiring process

Fulfill crucial staff requirements within days of vacancy/new requests. Resource crunch can be tackled almost immediately after requirements arise.

  • Access pool of highly qualified and specific talent

Contract staffers generally oversee the best talents and V2Soft exemplifies this fact. Our contract staff are previously experienced with working and delivering in similar roles.

  • Flexibility

Contract talent can be used according to your particular requirements. It doesn’t matter if you need technical staff for late night hours or you need to free-up the in-house staff for more strategic initiatives, contract staffing can provide the middle-way to your organization’s resource problems.

  • Cut operational and overhead costs

With V2Soft contract staffing you will get a trusted recruiting partner who takes care of the add-ons related to hiring a full-time staff such as payroll taxes, insurance benefits, workers’ compensation etc. Only cost for our clients are our competitive bill rates – so you can get back your time!

  • Ensure high staff turnout

Contract staff are paid according to the quantifiable work that they do, and you can expect a temp to be available at the office as needed to fulfill your needs.

  • Manage special requirements or peak pressure

The flexible and ready-to-order contract staff will augment your organization’s capacity while offsetting the burn-out for in-house staff in case of standalone requirements or peak period pressure.

  • Avoid recruiting more than required for a time frame

Contract staffers will offer highly skilled workers for as long as you require – a week, month, year or more, it’s your call.

  • Realize scalability

Scalability may represent a big issue for those in the promising stages of development. With V2Soft contract staffing, you can ensure scalability in a controlled manner, where you have the final say on how much you need to expand – and do so quickly and painlessly.

  • Reduce liabilities

Avoid the liabilities that come with recruiting an in-house staff such as unemployment claims, payroll taxes and general liability.

Why V2Soft?

We have been in the business of contract staffing for over 17 years and it forms one of our core competencies. We have a list of satisfied clients, and the number of recurring clients can attest to our systematic and efficient delivery of requirements.

V2Soft offers highly technical and qualified staff for hiring for a range of verticals such as Mobile, Testing, Big Data, CAD/CAM/CAE, Engineering Product Development, Database Solutions and Infrastructure Solutions, to name a few. With V2Soft as your contract staffing partner, you will get a partner that:

  • Manages all the aspects related to hiring talents.
  • Takes care of resource requirements through highly skilled staff for positions in industries such as IT, Engineering, Management and Healthcare.
  • Offers contract staff colocation, flexible staff augmentation and offshore staff augmentation models across categories of Contract Staffing, Permanent Staffing and Contract to Hire Staffing.
  • Allows seamless integration of hired staff into the workplace/remote location.
  • Ensures quick response and speedy hiring for your immediate requirements.
  • Has a talented pool of highly experienced and skilled staff, even in an overheated labor market.