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Top Emerging Technology Trends to Follow in 2020

January 06 2020
Author: v2softadmin
Top Emerging Technology Trends to Follow in 2020

With 2019 packing its bag and planning to wave us a sweet goodbye, let’s prepare ourselves to greet 2020 and the technology trends it is bringing along! It is important because the speed with which technology is growing is immense and if we don’t keep up, we’ll miss on how our lives are going to be revolutionized in the coming year.

Here’s an insight into the latest technology trends that are expected to bloom and be in full swing:

Cyber Security

With malicious hackers stepping up their games by breaking through even the toughest security measures, you’ll find this technology evolving like nothing else. It is also the need of the hour because hackers are becoming increasingly innovative with their ways of accessing sensitive data.

Cybersecurity jobs are growing three-fold in comparison to other tech jobs and this is proof enough to believe that we’ll see massive advancements in this area of technology. It has also been predicted that by 2021, this sector will have around 3.5 million job vacancies.

All this is a clear indication of how you need to brace yourself to see the upcoming developments in this field.

Internet of Things

IoT has already taken baby steps and is comfortably settled in the domain of cars, home appliances, connected security systems, and commercial environments among others.

However, it will move out from its beginning stage and is expected to reach 30 billion devices globally by 2020 which was only 8.4 billion when surveyed in 2017.

Further, an article at ITProToday came out with the statement they’ll soon be in need of somewhere around 200,000 professionals to give a boost to this technology area. We can only expect the best since IoT is the future and it’s coming with a bang!


Blockchain has the potential to reshape full-fledged industries through its value exchange business ecosystem. We’ll see it blooming by leaps and bounds in fields like health, finance (cryptocurrency), and retail.

According to a 2019 Garter survey, in the coming three years, 60% of CIOs are expecting at least some kind of blockchain deployment. By 2023, this technology is predicted to further enhance owing to its trusted transactions, 100% transparency, and necessary data confidentiality.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

While Virtual Reality (VR) immerses the user in a particular environment, Augmented Reality (AR) enhances that environment. Up until now, we saw VR working in the gaming sector; however, it will now spread its usage to education, marketing, and even rehabilitation.

AR, that has Pokemon Go as a famous example, will also showcase its enormous potential in the year to come as the company that brought us this game – Niantic – has received $190 financing for its successor “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite”.

Right from offering history buffs a deeper experience in museums to beautifying theme parts, this technology trend is all set to use its master card to be tagged as the first in this tech-savvy game!

Edge Computing

In order to increase response time and save bandwidth, edge computing helps to bring computation and data storage closer to where it is required.

This category has been on a rise and 2020 is the year when this nascent market will grow by at least 50%. Business Wire estimated that the Edge Computing market will grow from USD 838.6 million by 2022, at a compound annual growth rate of 35.2%.

Robotic Processing Automation (RPA)

This is one of the upcoming technologies that will emerge to be the big thing in 2020. It is anticipated to evolve and soar over the next year with an expectation of registering a CAGR of 31.1%. Robotic Process Automation is also estimated that this market will grow at the highest CAGR rates for healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

This market is mainly driven by the ease it brings in business processes through bots and this is the reason why automation tools will hold the largest market size in 2020.

Machine Learning

With people beginning to take notice of the technological shift towards Machine Learning, it is believed that at its current growth rate, this will be worth $9 billion globally by 2023.

Its implementation is also speculating a wide range of industries like health care, transportation, banking, and aircraft besides growth in the already applied industry segments like manufacturing, construction, and automobiles.

49% of organizations are expected to invest up to 25% on ML technology in the coming year. This is simply because the results it has delivered are amazing. Netflix saved $1 Billion from the use of the ML algorithm and Amazon’s ship time reduced to 15 minutes after it started using ML.

In 2020, it will be widely accessible in most of the areas.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This technology will sweep the world off its feet in 2020. It can already be seen conquering our lives in little ways with navigation apps, smartphones, personal assistants, streaming devices, etc.

Flight-booking portals and sites offering holiday packages are also inclined towards infusing their portals with bits of AI.

Further, Forrester Survey has given us the numbers, stating that 53% of the resources (data and people combined) use or are taking baby steps into using AI in some form or the other. Another survey says that 5 out of 6 Americans use AI in at least one form.

These stats give out a clear message of AI being one of the trends that will rule 2020 and it will do it well!


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Contact Tracing Technology for Employees

As many businesses are opening up after the Covid-19 shutdown, more employees are getting back to their works. Now the company's top priority is to ensure the safety of their employee's health. So, companies are exploring ways to track their employee's contact to prevent the spread of viruses among their workforce.

V2Soft has developed patent-pending technology that combines enterprise mobile applications with Bluetooth tags and scanners to bring employees back to their workplace called CompanyTRAK.

CompanyTRAK uses real contact tracing technology to follow the interaction of employees inside the office building using Geofencing technology. The solution provides a safe way to get their employees back to work and keep them attentive to social distancing. CompanyTRAK notifies an exposure of risk from symptomatic, positive tested, and exposed employees. CompanyTRAK helps HR and internal health professionals manage COVID exposure within their company and to isolate all individuals who are exposed.

All the technologies discussed above are the future and will be trending in 2020 like wildfire. You should watch for it, not just to sound cool, but because they will shape your lives in umpteen ways.

If you are a teenager and are intrigued by a certain technology, know that a lot of jobs will be created by these trends. So, keep your eyes on the future and get ready to see how high technology can go!

But for that, staying updated is important and a step has been taken in the direction.

With so many new technologies making their way into our lives in 2020, it is a year sure to look forward to!