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Redefining IT Business Consulting Strategies

February 26 2016
Author: v2softadmin
A Dynamic Profit Chart Changer: Redefining IT Business Consulting Strategies

It’s high time that the contemporary Information Technology World to get geared up for a breath-taking Interstellar Business Travel, towards the Unexplored Journey involved in redefining and adapting mind blowing consulting strategies that could be a bit alienated to bring in a broader change in profit charts of firms with drastic vision across the predominant business planet.

As the real-time business world is trending across high frequency innovation and short and mostly mid-term profits, a re-definition of the existing business consulting strategies becomes mandatory that paves way for the 3rd Dimensional Approach towards client threshold crossing requirements that deliberately leads to a drastic change in profit that charts the organizations.

Triple Blended Consulting:

As the level of inclination towards customer interaction increases in demand, few layers of consulting gets into the picture from an unexplored perspective to have a greater impact in the profit chart of IT firms. 

Edge Consulting / Core Edge Consulting:

Bringing in the technology that belongs to the next decade assures an undaunted stability of IT Firms in the unstable market trends.

This is a legendary projection of the “Hidden Tip of a Gigantic Iceberg” as the forthcoming era is built behind the screens with essence rooting to edge consulting. An exclusive team of edge consultants will be working hand in hand with the R&D Labs of IT Firms to bring in this core edge IT Solutions to live era with “3rd Dimensional analytics approach” that holds the untapped Greenfield Market Strategy .

A classic example to this is Virtual Reality Application Development as this stands as the backbone of next generation IT Solutions, it’s an exclusive result of Edge Consulting implemented by Top Consulting Companies to Top 4 IT Giants across the planet earth that’s already on cards. 

Client Empowerment Consulting:

A full-fledged definition of placing a “reverse phased” consultant on the client side during the project kick-off stage by the Vendor IT Company paves lane for getting the intact requirements through the consultant from the client POV rather looking the needs from a vendor POV. As the consultant studies the core project focus by involving in a stream of intense due-diligence operating from the Client Premises to benefit the receiving end though he is indirectly part of the Contracting/Vendor Company.

This exclusively “Breaks Half a Century Old Traditional” by providing a broader lane towards client satisfaction rather than monotonously looking at client managers for requirements and manage to cope up with it. Client Empowerment Consultants are exclusively empowered from the clients to involve in intense requirement gathering and enhancing value to the project scope before the actual start of the project and even across various phases towards delivery and implementation by portraying a stronger approach towards client’s Vision.

Market Iterating Consulting:

As the name involves in iterating the current market trends, this concept portrays a greater spectrum of consulting towards client user adaptabilities of the market’s core requirements as the additional scope of the existing projects.

The Market iterating Consultants will be involved in series of market analysis by practising Cross Company Due Diligence to articulate competitor’s product functionalities and services that will aid in building an advanced solution model to the existing architecture of the product. This makes every single client to enjoy the privileges of the solution that holds functionalities that are high-iterated blend of solutions available as core technology solution with extreme added features in the contemporary market.

An intense mix of all the above 3 strategies by a perfect ratio in providing Incredible Software Solutions to Clients will always end in a magnificent destination known as a Dynamic Profit Chart Changer!!

There always exists an unwritten statement in the contemplating IT World.

“What the client asks is not what all vendors delivers” by injecting the above Triple Blend tradition it will be changed to the phrase “What the client dreamt of is what the vendor delivers!!!” that naturally results in “What the client pays is what the vendors dreamt (High Profit Yields as a result of Greenfield Market Strategy)!!!”  

The above stated “Triple-Blended IT Business Consulting Strategies” can be hidden in the mind of Gate’s Untold Book of Secrets or American secret societies that indirectly rules majority of world business trends or can largely correlate to Steve Jobs Vision lying beneath his cemetery in the soil of the Greater American Lands in a verge to explode…so I hereby wish companies with legendary vision to be a part of this unexplored Interstellar Business Travel towards a planet worth of Business Profit Treasures with an Essence of Triple Blended IT Solutions of the Future to their Clients across the Globe…!!!