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How V2Soft Paving Way to Access Future Healthcare?

Posted on March 31 2020

The healthcare sector is undergoing a disruption in the wake of new and emerging technologies. Technologies such as AI, Cloud computing, IoT are…

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Top Emerging Cloud Computing Trends to Watch in Future

Posted on March 12 2020

"Cloud Computing is empowering; companies leveraging cloud will be able to innovate cheaper and faster." - Jamal Mazhar, Founder, and CEO, Kaavo…

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Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions for Smart Cities

Posted on March 2 2020

“A Smart City is where Nature and Scientific technology can collaterally synchronize their co-existence. Smart cities would emerge without…

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Big Data is the Next Big Thing to Transform our Lives!

Posted on February 24 2020

“Big Data is at the foundation of all the mega trends that are happening.”- Chris Lynch

Big data is something that…

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

Posted on February 12 2020

"AI is a tool. The choice about how it gets deployed is ours". - Oren Etzioni

AI has become a mainstream technology because of its ability…

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