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Varchasvi Shankar Receives the VPA Award 2023

July 20 2023
Author: v2softadmin
Varchasvi Shankar Receives the VPA Award 2023

Varchasvi Shankar was awarded “The Entrepreneurship” award in 2023 by Vokkaligara Parishat of America (VPA), for his work with the Michigan Cricket League.

Michigan Senator Jim Runestad presented this award to Varchasvi for his passion for the game and his involvement in a series of leagues in 1996, along with his play and wins in matches of cricket in Michigan.

About VPA:

VPA is a non-profit organization established in 1991. VPA is dedicated to assist and promote literacy, cultural, educational, social, economic, health of rural farming community.

VPA members are those who can trace their ancestry to people engaged in the farming occupation. VPA has also involved in many charitable work, In order to encourage active and frequent involvement of the Vokkaliga people in VPA, VPA has formed following four regional Chapters:

  • VPA-East
  • VPA-Midwest
  • VPA-West
  • VPA-South

Further, each state under regional chapters are involved in various community and cultural events locally.

VPA, since 1998, has put the power of technology to good use enable, support and facilitate $14 billion, so far, worth of volunteer time from companies and institutions that has been the engine of the organization’s mission and success.