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Michigan Technology Company Develops Mobile App

April 15 2020
Author: v2softadmin
app to help track COVID

A True Contact Tracing App

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich., April 15, 2020 ( - The think-tank driving the innovation labs at Sqwirrel LLC, a subsidiary of V2Soft, a Michigan company, has developed a patent-pending technology implemented in their mobile app, which could be a revolutionizing tool in managing the exposure of COVID-19 through contact tracing and may help in controlling the spread of the virus.

The app, "ViralTrakTM", follows the interaction of app members in their vicinity from the time of download. "We first announced our solution on March 30," according to Varchasvi Shankar, President & CEO of ViralTrak. "I was able to give an in-depth overview of the app in a featured segment on WXYZ Channel 7, an ABC local affiliate, on April 8. If any app members test positive, they simply press a button in the app. All app members who have been in the CDC recommended distance of the positive member in the past 14-day period would be notified of possible exposure."

The mobile app utilizes cellphone location tracking technology to identify which members have been within the CDC recommended parameters of the self-reported positive members over a 14-day period. It identifies primary and secondary exposure, which is very unique to the ViralTrak solution. This can be used within companies, schools, cities, counties or states. ViralTrak will not collect any personal information to maintain security around privacy.

According to Arun Shanbhag, VP Global Delivery, "This app went from ideation to fully functioning app in just a couple of weeks using our technology framework and solutions. We are currently working to develop additional use cases for corporations and general users to implement within their facilities. These features will be available after we launch our first version."

"Downloading this app helps companies, schools and the public stay informed about their risk of exposure and help scientists globally learn more about exposure, as well as why and where hot zones are forming," said Ray Drzala, Marketing Director. "This virus spreads fast, and cases are continuously multiplying. The more information we provide to the public and our scientists will help plan for current and future outbreaks."

The app is in the testing phase and will be available for download on Apple and Android next week. "This app can save lives and aid significantly in business continuity to identify exposed individuals within companies using our integrated technology solution," said Varchasvi Shankar, President & CEO. You can view the ABC featured segment or our introduction video on YouTube.

ViralTrak is a product of Sqwirrel, LLC, which is a subsidiary of V2Soft, Inc. V2Soft is a technology company providing technology solutions, product development and consulting. For more information go to or contact us at Both companies' headquarters are located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. V2Soft is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (

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