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Virtual Event Platform WeInvite Launches 'VirtualToast' - Video Conferencing With a Twist

November 11 2020
Author: v2softadmin
Virtual Toast Weinvite

WeInvite, the Event Management Platform out of Michigan, has launched a video conferencing technology with a new twist: VirtualToast. Registered users plan their own virtual parties with WeInvite Meet®, the included video conferencing link, customize e-Invitations, then select from available beverages such as wine, coffee, tea and more to send to their guests, upload their attendees and send out the invitation. Each guest receives their choice of beverages to toast during the video conference … a VirtualToast!

The new service just launched in November 2020 and is bringing friends and families together in the U.S. over the internet for the holidays. "VirtualToast is a great way for companies to stay connected with their remote employees over the holidays or for service providers to stay connected to their customers to host a virtual happy hour," stated Varchasvi Shankar, President/CEO of WeInvite. "This technology enables them to continue to build client relationships and celebrate the holidays the WeInvite way." 

The platform enables users to create custom digital invitations, select beverage options for their guests, and set up a video conference hosted by WeInvite Meet for the VirtualToast. This is easily accomplished through the mobile app or web browser.

WeInvite was initially built to make it easy for users to plan and run parties or events. Once registered, users search for and request a venue, order food and services, customize and send invitations, and pay one bill. Since the introduction of the coronavirus, many venues, entertainers, and food providers are providing limited services, or no services at all.  "We needed to find a way for people to still connect and add a little something to make it fun," said Chief Product Officer Nandini Varchasvi. "VirtualToast was built to help families and companies keep in touch, share time, and enjoy the holidays."

The WeInvite platform is available in mobile app stores on Apple and Android, and also in browsers at

The WeInvite Meet solution works for friends or family members getting together or up to 75 participants for a company conference worldwide. This is a great way for family, friends or companies and employees to stay in touch while working remote. Registered users can place a personal touch to the party through their customized invitations, using images and textual content.  Attendee contact information can be easily loaded through the mobile app or browser from phone, laptop or Google Gmail account.   

WeInvite, with WeInvite Meet and VirtualToast, is a product of WeInvite, LLC, a Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, company. For more information, please contact us at or visit us at See our video here.


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Source: WeInvite, LLC

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