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Supplier Partner Award From BCBSM For 2022

October 05 2022
Author: v2softadmin
Supplier Partner Award From BCBSM For 2022

V2Soft is an award-winning technology, business consulting and corporate staffing company. We are proud that we have been cited for excellence in many areas. Over the past two and a half decades since starting in 1998, V2Soft has won dozens of prestigious awards from their industries and from clients.

This September 2022, one of our major clients, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan announced that V2Soft has been awarded their distinguished Supplier Partner Award.

The BCBSM Supplier Partner Award is given to a supplier who best demonstrates excellent customer loyalty through the delivery of products or services. The award indicates that V2Soft proactively keeps Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, or a Blue Cross subsidiary, informed of all industry developments, supports cost saving initiatives and contributes to corporate goals and objectives.

“We very much wanted to thank Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan for the tremendous honor of presenting us with this award,” said V2Soft President and CEO Varchasvi Shankar. “We do realize the importance of our services to BCBSM, and we so appreciate their recognition of what we do for them and how well we do it. We also thank all our employees who support BCBSM because they made this award happen.”

V2Soft’s mission is to make every client’s operation efficient with the most up to date, advanced technology for their business process. Our staffing solutions help clients by effectively augmenting their staff with additional skilled talent, contract or project based, or direct to hire for additional resources on projects, long term or short.

V2Soft believes in a customer-first culture and our customers range from startups, small and medium sized businesses to global enterprise businesses. Each client is important to us, and we strive to provide them with the best customized products and services.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is a strong supporter of local companies as well as a leader in supplier diversity.


V2Soft, Inc. is a certified Minority-Owned Business.