Inspiredu’s mission is to help underserved youth develop the skills needed for education and career success through technology‐based learning tools and engagement activities with their families, communities, and schools.

Their vision is to be a key connector that drives digital inclusion and literacy for the Georgia families, communities, and schools so they can enable the future readiness of underserved youth.

Their commitment to making a direct impact on young scholars and their families through our boots-on-the-ground efforts remains unwavered. While there is still so much more to be done, Inspiredu will continue to champion our cause to support meaningful and sustained change for equality.

V2Soft’s has been a supporter of Inspiredu since they migrated from PowerMyLearning. We have supported their galas, golf outings and more. Our friend, partner and client, Sean Kramer sits on their board and has been instrumental in keeping us participating in their cause.

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