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V2Soft provides Managed Security Services(MSS) to defend your organization from increasingly sophisticated, targeted cybercrime threats. We offer a balanced approach, compliance, ready security, techno-centric focus, and flexible models of delivery to customers. Our MSS designed to keep your web applications, databases, and sensitive data secure and to minimize business risk by quickly prevent, detect, and respond to threats.

Our adaptable level of service, complete transparency of actions and ability to not only detect a threat but provide a full analysis and assessment to clients. The MSS includes:

V2Soft IT Security
Compliance Audits and Assessments:

Consequences are serious if you don’t follow federal guidance. Our services that help clients to meet their compliance objectives. Our offerings provide more security and better compliance to PCI, HIPPA, and ISO standards.

Governance, Risk and Compliance:

Our services offer expert services for program development, risk assessment, audit, implementation up to external certification of information security and Business Continuity standards.

Security Information and Event Management:

With average cost of a data breach reaching record numbers; it is important to secure data. Our SIEM service undertake security of log data, audit access to digital assets and generate reports for compliance purposes.

Vulnerability Scanning and Prevention Testing:

Our vulnerability scanning service utilize tools with up-to-date security information that help our experts deliver actionable and prioritized recommendations to improve IT security.

Application Code Review and Testing:

Security code reviews help software development teams find security bugs early in the development cycle. Our in-depth source code review, using automated analysis and manual inspection, will identify vulnerabilities earlier in the development lifecycle.

Identity and Access Management:

Majority of the violations found during most of the regulatory audits revolve around Identity and Access. his service helps clients ensure that the right individuals access the right resources at the right times for the right business reasons.

Content Management:

Our Content Management service include Internet Filtering, E-mail Filtering, Data Loss Prevention and Web 2.0 Content Filtering.

Endpoint Management:

The standard solutions covered include routers, unified threat management (UTM), firewall, VPN, proxy server/appliance, and end-point security solution.

Our Endpoint Management Security Services will keep your systems and data protected against the full threat spectrum from zero-day exploits to hacker attacks. We provide protection for Windows, Macs, and Linux systems, as well as mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery:

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) are essential to the success of virtually every organization, and our managed services help to improve and strengthen BCDR capabilities.

With enterprise-class Service Level Agreements (SLAs), V2Soft managed services can be configured to support multiple Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives to meet specific business needs.

Platform Management:

Our platform management service provides a secure infrastructure using industry-leading security platforms to perform maintenance activities, updates, rule changes and tunings.

Log Monitoring:

Log monitoring captures logs from different assets and alerts/notifies threats for quick action to quarantine affected asset. It also monitors, correlates and analyzes security logs to simplify compliance and Improve response time.

Firewall Management:

Firewall management prevents unauthorized access and data breaches by providing network security protection. Our services include monitoring, managing and analyzing threats.

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V2Soft provides Managed Security Services(MSS) to defend your organization from increasingly sophisticated, targeted cybercrime threats.
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IT Security | Managed Security Services by V2Soft
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V2Soft provides Managed Security Services(MSS) to defend your organization from increasingly sophisticated, targeted cybercrime threats.