The Internet of Things (IoT) connects over 15 billion devices, such as wearables, home electronics and cars, and uses data sharing to improve their performance. With our state-of-the-art IoT lab, expansive technical skills and industry knowledge, V2Soft can help you break into this powerful ecosystem. The applications are virtually endless and they’re expanding every day. 

IoT Services

  • Strategic Consulting  
    • Develop Strategy
    • Solution & Roadmap
    • Pilot to Deploy
  • Cloud Platform Rollout
    • Accelerate Solution
    • Setup, Configuration and minimum viable product
    • Faster time-to-market and lower TCO
  • Solution Implementation & Rollout
    • End-to-End Implementation
    • Refined and Extend Strategy
    • Support and Expansion
IoT Services

V2Soft IoT Lab

In our state of art IoT lab, some of the problems we focus on include:

  • Personalized apparel shopping based on analytics and smart mirrors

  • Smart Parking using sensors, crowdsourcing and machine learning

  • Connected cars bridging gaps between driver, OEM, dealerships and service providers

V2Soft IoT Lab


From consulting to configuration and implementation, V2Soft can build a customized IoT solution to connect device networks in your business and help improve your overall performance.

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