D.S. Srinivas

Managing Director, APAC Region

D.S. Srinivas

Srini is the Managing Director for V2Soft’s APAC operations. With over 20 years of experience in HR, finance, operations, facilities and infrastructure, he currently oversees three centers in India. Having all around experience in many core departments, his strengths are relationships with employees and vendors. He strongly believes in building trust and confidence in employees at all levels to truly make V2Soft strong at the roots.

His past experience includes working in various capacities from General Administration, HR to Finance, with Finance being his major interest.

He has extensive experience from building brand new state-of-the-art delivery centers to managing and expanding centers all over India as well as in other countries in the APAC region. His belief in living simply and keeping things simple has earned him great respect from our employees worldwide.

He is also a passionate wildlife photographer and a wildlife conservationist. He has helped many small and large projects through his philanthropic work, resulting in positive change toward improving wildlife population of endangered species. Srini, along with a couple partners, set up a non-profit organization, Wildlife Conservation Foundation, in conjunction with V2Soft which is active in socially responsible work to conserve nature and the tiger population in India. The Foundation’s major activity is to educate high school children and teachers about tiger density estimation in two major national parks in Karnataka state.

Srini graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Mysore, qualified training in Finance and HR Administration. He has a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Electronics, and post graduation diploma in system analysis (P.G.D.S.A.) from the University of Mysore.

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