Raymond Drzala

Director Product Sales & Strategy

Raymond Drzala

As the Director of Product Sales and Strategy, Ray works with all internal teams to ensure our products are built with users in mind.  From working with the internal UI/UX and Development teams to provide the ultimate user journey, to managing the Sales and Marketing teams to bring the solutions to the public. Ray has helped strategically plan, build and launch three major products since joining V2Soft in 2018 and is working on a few others to launch in the coming year. 

Along with working on the Marketing and Sales of the Products for V2soft, Ray also manages the marketing for the V2Soft brand.  

Ray is a people person with over 20 years of leadership experience in sales, marketing, and operations. His skills in solution selling and business development, along with his broad knowledge in marketing, advertising, print, and operations helps with strategy and execution of our products.

His passions are his family, boating, cars, golf, and basketball.  Ray resides in Waterford, Michigan with his wife, two sons and the family dogs.

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