Nandini Varchasvi

EVP, Board of Director

Nandini Varchasvi

Nandini Varchasvi is V2Soft, Inc.’s EVP and Board of Director responsible for implementation and enforcing process compliance throughout the organization globally. Nandini has been extensively involved in achieving CMMI level 3 certification and renewal process.

She has over 17 years of IT experience including IT project management and process compliance. At V2Soft, Nandini has been instrumental in streamlining the existing project management activities and delivery mechanisms in addition to implementation of organization-wide processes and improvising project management practices in line with CMMI level 3. As a board of director, she is also responsible for overseeing finances and banking. She has held many positions at V2Soft.

Prior to joining V2Soft, Nandini worked at RouteOne for over 6 years as Interface Project Manager responsible for establishing and maintaining technical relationships between RouteOne and its partners/customers. She has worked at Accenture for over 5 years, interfacing between the customers and technology teams and building systems to automate business processes. She also worked in building applications for over 5 years as a Business Analyst at Advertising Audit Services and Software Developer at Dynatek.

Nandini has a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Computers from Mysore University, India.

Nandini has received several awards: Accenture - Service Award for SDN, 3 Merchandise awards, and Teamwork and Employee of the Month awards from Dynatek, Spotlight Award from Chrysler and more.

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