Software Application Testing Outsourcing

V2Soft can help your IT Organization achieve high quality standards in Application Testing. Improved Quality lowers support and maintenance efforts while increasing customer satisfaction. V2Soft has been providing Testing and IV&V Outsourcing solutions to our customer for almost two decades.

V2Soft elevates your software's quality with comprehensive application testing services. Leverage our expertise in functional, performance, security, and mobile testing to uncover and eliminate defects. V2Soft's Testing Center of Excellence ensures a streamlined process, while their deep understanding of AI-powered tools propels efficiency. Whether you seek manual or automation solutions, V2Soft tailors their services to your specific needs, ensuring a secure, high-performing, and user-friendly application that delights your customers. Let V2Soft be your quality partner, transforming your software into a competitive advantage.

We are helping our customers to

Increase Quality by

  • Automating test scripts
  • Developing reusable test cases
  • Focusing on test governance
  • Adhering to our CMMI level 3 structured testing processes
  • Implementing our testing methodologies and processes
  • Test coverage of all areas of application

Lower Costs by

  • Improving test coverage and test efficiency
  • Utilizing our global pool of skilled resources at a fraction of the cost
  • Leveraging custom frameworks and tools
  • Using resources who also understand our customer’s business

Improve Application Time to Market by

  • Utilizing global teams that can work round the clock
  • Leveraging custom frameworks and tools that reduce test cycle time
  • Integrating continuous testing to effectively utilize DevOps and Continuous Development processes
helping our customers

Our testing services include

testing services include

V2Soft’s Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)

V2Soft’s Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)

V2Soft’s Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) is a centralized solution that brings together the right people, processes, tools and infrastructure into a shared services function, allowing all applications to follow the same streamlined process, enabling our customers to maintain high quality.

Using the right Tools & Infrastructure: Our suite of test tools and automation allows us to dramatically reduce the time to market for applications. Effective use of tools is a key element of our TCoE.

With our CMMI Level 3 certification, V2Soft has Test Processes in place to ensure the best of quality. Our Testing processes include working with each customer to either utilize our existing processes or where needed, define and create new customized processes.

We provide:

  • Process Definitions
  • Process Maintenance
  • Testing Process Training
  • Continuous Process improvements
  • Creating a Metrics Program

For our Outsourcing Engagements, V2Soft provides a comprehensive solution to include:

  • Test Planning & Estimation
  • Testing Design & Build
  • Test Execution & Management
  • Test Reporting