Minimize Risk of Virus Exposure for Employees

Get your employees back to work in a safe environment!

CompanyTRAK uses real contact tracing to follow your employees through their daily interactions.  If they have come in contact (CDC recommended distance) of another employee, we log it.  If any employee reports symptoms or a positive test result, all employees that have been in contact with that employee and HR are notified of a possible exposure risk.

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How CompanyTRAK Works

About CompanyTRAK

  • Built from the ground up to be a true Contact Tracing, Social Distancing solution, CompanyTRAK uses patent pending, dual verification technology to follow and log interaction of employees utilizing a combination of mobile location services (GPS) and BLE technologies, Bluetooth (BT) tags and locators and/or Ultra-Wideband (UWB) devices.
  • Our solution tracks primary exposure and notifies employees and the assigned HR/Admin when another employee that they have been in contact with self-reports with symptoms or with positive test results.
  • Our algorithm manages and traces a real interaction to mark and notify employees when exposed.
About CompanyTRAK

Employee Health Check

  • Employees must answer provided questions/PPE Checklist daily
  • Questions are customizable by company account owner
  • Daily reset for employee, stored for 60-days
  • Prompt customizable pop-up messages based on answers
  • Ability to notify employee to not enter building
  • Data is encrypted, sent to CT Portal and stored
  • Integration with entrance security, temperature kiosks
Employee Health Check

Contact Tracing

  • Geofencing of building, Tracing starts once employee crosses boundary
  • Tracing of employee interaction throughout the day
  • Data is sent to secure cloud and CT Portal
  • CT Portal provides insight to all contacts that have occurred in the Geofence boundary
  • Any employee self-reports as Symptomatic or Positive, CT Portal admin has access to all contacts traced through solution
Contact Tracing

Social Distancing

  • Social distancing is provided using:
    • Bluetooth Locators & Tags 
    • OR  
    • UWB(Ultra-wideband) Devices
  • We track the distance between employees (tags or UWB) and warn employees when they are within 6-feet of each other
  • Capture the interaction time between two or more employees
  • Able to control/manage number of employees in a certain area
Social Distancing

Visitor Tracing & Survey

  • Customizable questions/information capture
  • Auto push to URL / URL Share
  • View of submitted questionnaire
  • Assignment of BT or UWB Device
  • Daily log of visitors/employees they are visiting, time of arrival
  • Clear/reassign BT or UWB Device
  • Tracing data pushed to CT Portal
Visitor Tracing & Survey

CT Portal – Corporate Admin & Reporting

  • Location & User Management
  • App & Equipment Management
  • Daily Employee Survey
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Communication Tools
  • Visitor Survey & Tracing
  • Customization / API / Integration
CT Portal – Corporate Admin & Reporting

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