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  •    Custom invitations
  •    Virtual Meetings
  •    VirtualToast®
  •    LIVEvents

Custom Invitations

  • Customize invitations with your brand including logo, images and content
  • Add guests with phone, Gmail, Outlook or by uploading individuals or files
  • Send your invitation including video conference link through email or text
  • Manage RSVPs, resend invitations, send automated reminders to your guests

Virtual Meetings

  • Multiple levels based on participants
  • Webinar and large meetings available
  • Scheduled or immediate (MeetNow)
  • Send beverages with VirtualToast
    • Wine, Cocktails, Beer, Coffee, Tea
  • Multiple engagement features
    • Emcee, Comedians/Magicians
    • Virtual Gaming
    • Breakout sessions
Virtual Meetings

Add A Twist To Your Video

  • A great way to celebrate with clients or remote employees
  • Add guests, customize invitations and send beverage options Wine, Beer, Coffee and Tea
  • Guests choose from wine, coffee or tea with their RSVP
  • Selected VirtualToast package is delivered prior to the event date
  • Launch your Meet and have a VirtualToast!
Add A Twist To Your Video


Manage your LIVE event the easy way!

  • Manage corporate events:

Happy Hour, Team building & engagement,
Customer Appreciation, Retirement, Holiday
Events and more

  • One site for all event needs:

Find a venue, Order food, Hire photographers,
entertainment and cleaning crews
Customize and manage invitations
Best of all…pay one bill!
Relax and enjoy


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