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Managed Capacity

Maintaining teams to support peak demand is expensive. Managed Capacity allows customers to have ready access to the right portfolio of skills in a budget- and risk-friendly arrangement.


The Customer buys resource capacity (hours/month/year) or several resources with a type of skillset, where the Customer provides direction and controls the outcome.

V2Soft and the Customer are equally accountable for all deliverables and, because projects are jointly managed, the Customer experiences lower costs, as risk costs will not be applied.

V2Soft performs all HR resource management, team ramp-up/ramp-down, and is responsible for transition, training and knowledge transfer for all resources whether on-boarded or off-boarded.

Resources can either work onsite or offsite or offshore, and if at V2Soft locations, we provide infrastructure at no additional cost (except for software licenses).

Managed Capacity
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V2Soft offers cost-effective and highly flexible offshore IT staff augmentation services and solutions to its customers.
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Managed Capacity | V2Soft