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Contract Staffing

V2Soft offers cost-effective and highly flexible contract staffing services for customers whose primary challenge is meeting internal resource needs or finding a niche skillset matching their budget and timeline.

Direct Placement

Using a standard Time-and-Materials contact, resources are sourced and placed to meet specific short- or long-term needs. Resources can either be co-located at customer locations or work from remote V2Soft locations.


This offering is similar to Direct Placement with the expectation that customers have the option to hire the resources as full-time employees after a designated contractual time period.


Typically contracted under a Statement of Work, Fixed-Fee resources are provided to customers for a fixed price and time to complete an agreed upon scope of work.

Offshore Staffing

Our offshore resources are an extension of a customer’s onshore project team, with the following features:

  • Offshore team works as an extension of customer’s existing onshore project team at a lower cost
  • Talented and skilled resources are available to work flexible hours
  • Single point of contact provided from V2Soft to customer at onshore location
  • All necessary tools and infrastructure ensures support from offshore
  • Resources have an easy ramp-up and ramp-down
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Co-located contract staff augmentation service means in which our customers will have dedicated resources and work areas
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