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Workforce Management Solutions

V2Soft has been solving workforce management needs for customers across multiple industries for over 19 years. Our Workforce Solutions include the following types of experience:

  • Contract
  • Contract-to-Hire
  • Consulting
  • Permanent workforce
  • Flexible staffing options

We offer recruiting and workforce management solutions across the U.S. as well as globally, utilizing our experience working under Managed Service Programs (MSPs).

To best suit our customer needs, we customize the workflow of our Applicant and Job Order Tracking Software (EmployMe). Our extensive experience includes providing contract and permanent staffing solutions to Fortune 500, mid- and small-sized companies.

Our Workforce Management Solutions allow for fast ramp-up and ramp-down of highly qualified resources through a variety of engagement models designed to meet any customer workforce situation.

We are an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer.

V2Soft’s Recruiting Processes

Our proven recruiting methods yield the best candidates for our customers, starting with a wide reach from Recruiters in multiple locations supporting U.S. and global requirements.

Our Recruiters themselves have IT, engineering and business services educational backgrounds, therefore they have a strong understanding of technology. In addition, our Recruiters are trained on industry terms, policies, customer needs and culture so they can recruit the best candidates. Each large account receives exclusive account managers and a recruiting team assigned to it.

We have proven recruiting practices to attract talent from newer generations, including recruiting through social media and direct solicitation approaches.

V2Soft Recruiting Process

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We provide IT and engineering staffing solutions for various industry domains to automotive, healthcare and finance etc.
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