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Mobile Cloud Computing

V2Soft offers full service cloud mobility solutions including Cloud Platforms, Application Development and Mobile Analytics.

What is MCC?

Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) refers to an infrastructure where both the data storage and processing happens outside the mobile device. Mobile Cloud Applications move the computing power and data storage away from the mobile devices and into centralized and powerful computing platforms located in clouds, which are then accessed over the wireless connection based on a thin native client.

Why MCC?

Mobile devices face many resource challenges such as battery life, storage and bandwidth. Mobile Cloud Computing offers advantages to users by allowing them to utilize infrastructure, platforms and software by cloud providers at low cost and elastically in an on-demand fashion. Mobile cloud computing provides mobile users with data storage and processing services in the cloud, eliminating the need to have a powerful device configuration (e.g. CPU speed, memory capacity etc.), as all resource-intensive computing can be performed within the cloud.

MCC Architecture


Advantages of MCC

  • Mobile applications leverage remote processing, extending battery lifetime
  • MCC enables mobile users to store and access large data on the cloud. Mobile applications are no longer constrained by the storage capacity of the device.
  • Keeping data and applications in the cloud reduces the potential for loss of data in the event of a hardware failure, improving reliability and availability
  • MCC can be designed with a comprehensive data security model for both service providers and users by allowing protected copyrighted digital contents in the cloud. MCC providers have security services in place such as virus scanning, malicious code detection and authentication for mobile users
  • The data and services in the cloud are always available even when the users are moving from place to place
  • Sharing data in the Cloud provides the user with access to the latest documentation even while ‘on the go’
  • Mobile applications can be scaled to meet the growing user demands
  • Service providers can easily add and expand their service offerings
  • Multiple services from different providers can be integrated easily through the cloud to meet today’s complex user demands

What V2Soft Offers?

Full-service platform

  • Security and authentication: The V2Soft cloud platform utilizes a multi-layer security approach which ensures both internal and external device users can securely connect to their enterprise information systems
  • Mobile device management & configuration: MDM enables devices to securely enroll in an enterprise environment, provides for configuration and update settings, and monitors compliance with corporate policies and remotely wipe or lock managed devices
  • Back-end integration & connectivity: The V2Soft Cloud enables you to connect your information system with business applications, web services or even databases using connectors
  • Fast provisioning: V2Soft offers a Private Cloud which offers a simple and rapid installation to deploy your mobile solution
  • Service Level: As a Service, the V2Soft Cloud offers a middleware layer consisting of software which can be managed directly by the corporate customer, the customer’s partners, or V2Soft.
  • Mobile Cloud Applications: Mobile Cloud Applications includes a large number of mobile apps that can be extensions of your traditional business suites dedicated to lines of business or specific industries. This includes analytic apps as well as any custom applications.

Apps Development

  • Industry / Line of Business: Boost efficiency and productivity by extending business processes to mobile applications. Mobile Could Applications includes a large number of applications dedicated to specific lines of business. You can empower almost any department in your company: HR, IT, Finance, Manufacturing, Sales, Supply chain, etc.
  • Mobile Commerce: Mobile commerce allows business models for commerce using mobile devices. Examples: Mobile financial, mobile advertising, mobile shopping. Mobile commerce applications face various challenges (low bandwidth, high complexity of devices, security). Integrating or deploying these applications within a cloud environment can help address these issues
  • Mobile Learning: Mobile learning combines e-learning and mobility to create m-learning. Traditional m-learning has limitations on high cost of devices/network, low transmission rate, limited educational resources. Cloud based m-learning can solve these limitations.
  • Mobile Healthcare: Mobile Healthcare provides mobile users with convenient access to resources, such as medical records. It also offers hospitals and healthcare organizations a variety of on-demand services in the Cloud.
  • Mobile Gaming: Mobile gaming is a high potential revenue generating market for service providers. Game engines requiring large computing resources cannot be offloaded to servers in the cloud. Saving energy and increasing game playing time. Rendering adaptation technique can dynamically adjust the game rendering parameters based on communication constraints and gamer's demands
  • Other applications: Cloud Mobility offers much more than the typical workplace applications including sharing photos/videos; keyword, voice and tag-based search capabilities; monitoring houses and smart home systems; the opportunities are unlimited.


Analytics Apps: Provide live, real time and valuable insights about your business on your mobile device which helps you take better decisions anytime, anywhere.

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