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Internet of Things

Wearables, home electronics, cars, sensors and other gadgets constitute over 15 billion connected devices, twice the human population. By 2025, the connected devices will explode to more than 80 billion and communicate with each other as never before.

Internet of Things (IoT) requires an industry and technology agnostic approach, more than ever before, to transform the current solutions into the connected ecosystem.

IoT Platform

Through our strategic partnerships, we leverage a robust cloud-based platform to deliver IoT solutions. Our platform enables us to deliver solutions at low TCO and faster time-to-market. Core capabilities of our platform include security and access management, connectivity and orchestration, rapid development and roll out and analytics.

IoT Services

Strategic Consulting

V2Soft Internet of Things ( IOT )

  • Develop Strategy
  • Solution & Roadmap
  • Pilot to Deploy

Cloud Platform Rollout

V2Soft Internet of Things ( IOT )

  • Accelerate Solution
  • Setup, Configuration and minimum viable product
  • Faster time-to-market and lower TCO

Solution Implementation & Rollout

V2Soft Internet of Things ( IOT )

  • End-to-End Implementation
  • Refined and Extend Strategy
  • Support and Expansion

V2Soft IoT Lab

In our state of art IoT lab, some of the problems we focus on include:

V2Soft Internet of Things ( IOT )

Personalized apparel shopping based on analytics and smart mirrors

V2Soft Internet of Things ( IOT )

SmartParking using sensors, crowdsourcing and machine learning

V2Soft Internet of Things ( IOT )

Connected cars bridging gaps between driver, OEM, dealerships and service providers

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To deliver Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and services we leverage cloud based platform via our strategic partnerships
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Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions and Services | V2Soft