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Digital Experience

Customers need to be engaged on a continuous and on-going basis in order to provide maximum satisfaction. A strong Digital Experience is key.

Companies that adapt to customer needs and expectations are successful in engaging and satisfying their customers. At V2Soft, we help companies prioritize and implement the programs and services which improve their customer experience and, in turn, increase customer satisfaction.

V2Soft Digital Experience Focus areas

  • User Interface Design
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile Design
  • Analytics
  • Social Media Integration

User Interface

V2Soft has a team of designers who provide innovative thinking with appealing yet functional UI/UX designs. Our mobile and website designs provide your customers with intuitive access to desired content. We also pay special attention to attributes such as 508 compliancy and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) making websites easier and more accessibility to a wider range of users.

The easier the website or mobile app is, the more attractive your organization appears to your customers.



Consumers are taking to digital devices now more than ever for their commerce needs. Consumers are now browsing products online, comparing pricing across competitor websites, and making those purchases on smartphones as part of their normal routine. Our V2Soft solutions help make this experience simple and secure!


V2Soft takes advantage of our V2Soft Mobile Center of Excellence (MCoE) to deliver an attractive, consistent experience across all platforms. With users doing more and more on their mobile devices and their level of expectations increasing, a Mobile Digital Experience needs to encompass more than just a good looking User Interface. Our Mobile apps provide the utmost user experience because we focus on components such as: Marketing, Social, Content, Information, Functionality, Feedback, Usability, User Input, and Design for every app.

Whether created as a responsive website, hybrid application or native application, our focus is accessibility, responsiveness and ease of use to create the right Mobile (digital) experience.

Mobile Experience


V2Soft utilized our Big Data and BI practice to help customers gain insight into their data providing for an optimized and customized user experience.

We leverage our partnerships with Horton Works, Cloudera, Qlik and IBM for our Big Data analysis.

V2Soft Partners QLIK
Horton Works
V2Soft Cloudera
V2Soft Partners IBM


Utilizing tools such as: Hadoop, Kibana, Qlik View, Qlik Sense, Business Objects, Cognos, MarkLogic, Infomatica etc.

Social Media

Create deeper relationships with your customers via social media. V2Soft can help create and manage your content and activities across social media networks providing an engaging social experience.

Our V2Soft Digital Experience Teams

V2Soft Digidpu

V2Soft Service Offerings with Digital Experience

  • Consulting and Implementation
    • Design
    • Implementation
    • Optimization
  • Integration of Adobe Marketing Component
    • V2Soft has experience in Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign and Adobe Social and their integrations
  • Platform Migration
    V2Soft consultants have expertise in providing platform migration services including
    • Digital Campaigning systems
    • Web Content Management tools
    V2Soft expertise includes enterprise content management systems such as
    • SiteCore, Acquia, Drupal, Magnolia, Interwoven TeamSite, Jahia, dotCMS, Alfresco, Vignette, WordPress and custom CMS to Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions
  • 3rd Party Integration
    V2Soft's team of experts provide integration services of
    • Adobe Experience Manager
    • Analytics
    • Social
    • Campaign
    • With 3rd party applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), E-Commerce Assets Management, etc.
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V2Soft Digital Solutions Includes UI Design, eCommerce, mobile design, analytics,Big Data, BI, Social Media Integration.
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Digital Experience and Solutions, Integration Services | V2Soft