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AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence or AI helps companies automate their business processes and operations to drive growth and efficiency. The technology empowers computers to replicate human intelligence in a reliable manner. Many companies in the artificial intelligence space continue to work in the areas of technical automation, capturing expert knowledge and explore their expertise in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Virtualization, Decision Management and Robotic Process Automation.

We, at V2Soft, believe in delivering the utmost performance to our clients by developing applications which specifically cater to their requirements and maximize their ROI by automating their business operations. Our expertise extends to the entire range of AI technologies including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, and more.

V2Soft provides the following Artificial Intelligence services to our customers:

V2Soft Artificial Intelligence Services
  • Potential use case assessments
  • POCs/Pilot
  • Business cases
  • Strategy and Technology stack adoption Roadmap
V2Soft Artificial Intelligence Services
AI Solutions
  • Conversational bot
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Image Recognition
  • Machine Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Analytical Models

Conversational bots

Organizations are leveraging Conversational bots on their B2C websites, so their Customers can engage and seek answers to their queries any time of the day. Websites are transforming to Conversational websites leveraging chatbots to increase Customer engagement.

V2Soft’s conversational chatbots use Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to read, listen, and understand your customer requirements and match them with the best products and services, or provide them with the information instantly. Conversational bots enable a better presence in the customer engagement process, where interaction via bots will be possible 24x7 with fast response times. Furthermore, it is scalable and flexible, as bots can serve multiple customers at once and tailor the experience for everyone.

V2Soft Artificial Intelligence Services

Key Features

  • Advanced Technology - Our Conversational bots make self-service more human as they are powered by advanced technologies that uniquely combines Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML).
  • Deploy Anywhere - Our Conversational bots can be deployed on multiple channels that allow you to engage your customers [Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WeChat, Skype, SMS or enterprise channels].
  • Intent & Behavior Models - Our Conversational bots are "more human", as our Conversation engine runs the user requests through various behavior handlers that check for tone, language and intent. Bots can then react with appropriate human like responses.
  • Industry Domain Handlers - Our Conversational bots can handle linguistic, colloquial and domain-specific context for various industries to achieve a more meaningful response. We can train the bots by running them through industry specific domain handlers.
  • Embedded AI - By adding Machine Learning and cognitive interactions into traditional business and IT operational processes, users will experience greater productivity and insight.
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Delivering the utmost performance Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions at V2Soft. To learn more about our entire range of technology solutions visit this page.
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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions
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Delivering the utmost performance Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions at V2Soft. To learn more about our entire range of technology solutions visit this page.