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V2Soft offers software development services on multiple platforms like Java, Microsoft solutions, Open source technologies, Mobile technology and embedded systems

Our primary goal is to provide high quality and cost effective Information Technology solutions and services to meet our client’s needs. We offer reliable software solutions with low project development time and costs, and increase the quality and predictability of profits and delivery. We also offer quality consulting services with our team of specialists in the Information Systems area and provide our clients with genuine value in achieving their business objectives.

V2Soft has been providing custom application development to various industry verticals such as Healthcare, Automotive, Energy, Marketing, Product Development Companies, Defense, and Government agencies. Our team comprises of dedicated and highly technical professionals with strong leadership skills.

Some of our information technology specialization includes

  • Java Platform, Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft solutions
  • eCommerce
  • Open source technologies
  • Mobile technology
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Embedded systems
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Technology solutions and services on multiple platforms such as Java, Microsoft, open source, mobile & embedded systems
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Technology Solutions and Services | V2Soft