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Embedded Systems

The embedded systems group at V2Soft provides software development and QA services for embedded and real-time systems. We have expertise in networking, automotive, and mobile/ handheld industry.

Device Driver Development

V2soft has developed device drivers for various devices on multiple platforms such as Unix, Linux/ Lineo, Windows, VxWorks and pSOS, on specific chips. We have developed drivers for interfaces and devices like USB and Firewire

Diagnostics, Tools and Utilities

V2soft has developed on board/ remote diagnostics for the automotive market, web-based diagnostic tools for process control systems.

Testing and Validation Services

V2Soft has extensive experience with creating test suites for test automation, validation and verification. We also provide testing services like functional testing, load testing, technology testing, regression testing and integration testing.

Network Management

Network management systems have been an integral part of many system-development projects over the years. V2Soft has developed systems for both cabled and wireless network including GUI application as well as the embedded support required for network management.

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Embedded systems software development and QA services with expertise in networking, automotive, mobile or handheld industry
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Embedded Systems Software Development Services | V2Soft