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iConnectX is an online social platform that provides an easy process for generating donations to verified charitable organizations leveraging the power of professional networking. iConnectX is a registered product of Sqwirrel LLC a subsidiary of V2Soft Inc.


About iConnectX

  • Raise more money for Charitable and non-profit organizations (501C Complaint)
  • Support fundraising events and causes by providing people and other resources
  • Make new connections through professional networking
  • Promote products and generate brand awareness
  • Access iConnectX using secure web and mobile applications
  • Free to register and use for individuals, charities and companies


Charitable organizations can use iConnectX to

Companies can use iConnectX to

Individuals use iConnectX to

ICX revolution

iConnectX is a revolutionary new social platform where you can leverage your professional networking skills to support Nonprofit causes