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Contract Staff Outsourcing

V2Soft has been providing Contract Staffing since our inception in 1998.   Our temporary staffing solutions relieve our clients of all administrative responsibilities, remove employment risks, provide hard-to-find skilled resources and ensure full compliance with local regulations while increasing overall productivity.

As part of the Contract Staff Outsourcing (CSO) services, we provide contract staff at our facilities in our US, Europe, India or Mexico centers.  These resources will be dedicated to your teams, and will have secure access to your network including private VPN tunnels to build, test and run your applications.  This is commonly called “Contract Staff Co-Location” or “Offshore Staff Augmentation.” V2Soft will provide resources, infrastructure, HR management and, if required, project and task management of these resources who are assigned to clients directly.  They also work overlapping client hours depending on the region you select.

Contract Staff Co-Location

This is commonly called Co-located Contract Staff Augmentation. V2Soft has been providing various other value-added services to its customers enabling them to meet IT requirements and goals. Flexible co-location of IT contract services is a means to which our customers will have dedicated resources and work areas in our offices. Customers may choose to be part of the staff selection process that will support them from offsite.

Some of the contract resources are supporting various business areas including:

  • New application development and enhancement
  • Customer website development and maintenance
  • Customer server and network monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Handling level 1 and 2 customer’s help desk
  • Various testing solutions such as Unit, Functional, Load and Regression Testing

We also have resources that can be an extension of your IT team in many of the solutions areas we specialize in. We have creative pricing for long-term contracts and have resources with extensive experience. For more details please contact us.

Flexible Staff Augmentation

  • Staffing Time & Material Basis: This is a standard Time and Material approach in which we provide staffing on a time and material basis. This is also commonly referred to as Staff Augmentation or supplemental staff. Our employees will work as our customer's extended staff for the duration of a contract term.
  • Staff Augmentation with SLA: We can also provide managed Staff Augmentation services with Service Level Agreements which will help customers focus more on their projects and less on resource hiring and management. V2Soft will also provide a smooth transition with knowledge transfer of these resources.
  • Staffing on a Fixed Price Rotation Basis: In this solution, our customer funds a fixed price effort for a specific period of time. Thus, we provide them with two or three types of resources on a rotation basis. Basically, each resource will complete his/her task and will be replaced by another resource; and this kind of an engagement lasts for approximately 9 to 12 months.
  • Staffing on a "Statement of Work" basis: In this scenario, customers will have a fixed price budget and we provide X number of consultants for a fixed period of time.
  • Staffing on a "Project T&M": In this scenario, customers may have a need for various skills for a project and will have a fixed budget. The customer will broadcast for a team of people with varied skills for use for a period of time. During the project cycle, we may have a need to upgrade an employee skill or replace some of the team members with a different set of skills as the project progresses from one phase to the next.

Offshore Staff Augmentation

V2Soft offers cost-effective and highly flexible offshore staff augmentation services for its customers. We specialize in offering offshore staffing solution to customers who are challenged in finding a niche skillset for the budget and timeline they have or who want to ramp up and ramp down the resources, while containing cost yet still deliver on time. Our resources will be an extension of the customer's onshore project team.

We have a wide range of technical resources who are experienced and trained, available for any project or resource needs.

Benefits to customers that we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Cost-effective offshore resources, thus eliminating overhead cost to customer from employing permanent resources.
  • Talented and skilled resources.
  • Resources who can work flexible hours, with all the tools and infrastructure to provide support from offshore.
  • V2Soft offshore team will work as an extension of customer’s existing onshore project team at a lower cost.
  • Single point of contact from V2Soft to customer at onshore location.
  • Easy ramp up and ramp down of resources.

V2Soft takes pride in our low contract employee turnover rate. We provide competitive pay, excellent benefits and professional environment for our contract employees. Regular follow-ups ensures our contract employees are satisfied in their current position, thus creating additional value for our customers. Upon completion of a contract assignment, many contract employees are placed on V2Soft projects providing both extended employment opportunities as well as new leading edge technology experience. V2Soft also provides performance guarantees for our contract employees to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied with our resources.

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V2Soft has been providing IT contract staffing and temporary outsourcing augmentation services since inception in 1998.
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IT Contract Staffing and Temporary Outsourcing Services