Application Maintenance Outsourcing

Companies are optimizing their own skilled resources on innovative new business solutions and leaving the maintenance and support to cost effective Application Maintenance and Support of third party specialists such as V2Soft.

We are a CMMI level 3 and ISO27001 certified company with the required policies, processes, tools, and methodologies in place ensuring the quality skills needed to meet and exceed all service level commitments.

Here at V2Soft, our Application Maintenance Outsourcing (AMO) helps to maximize our customers’ existing IT applications through corrective, adaptive, perfective and preventive maintenance.

Application Maintenance Outsourcing (AMO) benefits include

  • Reducing application maintenance costs
  • Customer IT staff freed up to focus on innovative business solutions
  • Mitigated Risk
  • Improved Service levels
  • Applications kept current
AMO Benifits

V2Soft is able to support a diverse set of applications including, but not limited to, Web Enterprise applications, Mobile: Hybrid and vs Native, Web CMS solutions, Customer Digital Experience and ERP Solutions.

Our Application Outsourcing Services portfolio includes

  • Application Maintenance
  • Application Operations
  • Application & Data Transformation Services

Application Maintenance

Application MaintenanceOutsourcing Application Maintenance allows customers to be worry free and ensure their applications issues are resolved and their applications are up to date in current and new environments, all providing optimal performance.

Application Maintenance is more than simply fixing customer reporting issues. At V2Soft, we also work on corrective, adaptive, perfective and preventive maintenance.

  • Corrective maintenance - Defect corrective approach and adherence to agreed-upon SLAs
  • Adaptive maintenance - Develop and deploy new features which bring value to our customers
  • Perfective maintenance - Improve performance or maintainability of the applications managed
  • Preventive maintenance - Analyzing patterns and discovering potentially vulnerable areas in the application and provide preventive fixes

Application Operations

Application Operations provides customers with Level 1 and Level 2 support. We have proven infrastructure in place for Support, Monitoring, Tracking and Reporting providing customers a smooth transition from inhouse to outsourcing. Our Helpdesk is available 24x7 utilizing senior technical resources in locations worldwide. The Application Operations group will manage all release updates, notifications, and do full Production Support Administration.

Some of our support activities include:

  • Help Desk
  • Level1 and Level 2 Support
  • Production Support Administration:
    • Recording / Logging issue
    • Notification of issue
    • Investigating and Analyzing issue
    • Resolution of issue
    • Necessary changes/corrections (if part of the SLA)
    • Infrastructure corrections
    • Release Management

Application & Data Transformation

When V2Soft is engaged to provide outsourced services, we initially do a Portfolio Assessment of our client’s applications. As part of this assessment, if there are multiple applications doing the same thing within an enterprise (multiple document management systems), we rationalize the portfolio and transform, consolidate databases, and document management systems. In addition, we often need to perform some legacy modernization. When we do the above there will be significant data transformation associated with it.