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In addition to providing IT and consulting services, V2Soft also develops products.

iConnectx | V2Soft

iConnectX is an online social platform that provides an easy process for generating donations to verified charitable organizations leveraging the power of professional networking. iConnectX is a registered product of Sqwirrel LLC a subsidiary of V2Soft Inc.

  • Raise more money for Charitable and non-profit organizations (501C Complaint)
  • Support fundraising events and causes by providing people and other resources
  • Make new connections through professional networking
  • Promote products and generate brand awareness
  • Access iConnectX using secure web and mobile applications
  • Free to register and use for individuals, charities and companies

Charitable organizations can use iConnectX to:

  • Connect with professionals and companies who all share a common interest in helping charities
  • Promote activities, events, aaccept donations, conduct auctions
  • Private Bridging allows executive sponsors to generate donations for charities throughout the calendar year instead of just at special events

Companies can use iConnectX to:

  • Sponsor community events
  • Support charitable organizations
  • Increased marketing opportunities
  • Build positive brand awareness
  • Integrate iConnectX with corporate social responsibility programs
  • Engage employees to support social giving campaigns

Individuals use iConnectX to:

  • Connect with others who share common interests and perform professional networking
  • Post articles, blogs and messages
  • Follow charities and causes
  • Participate in charitable auctions and events
iConnectx | V2Soft


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Qwik Events | V2Soft is a digital commerce platform that provides an ultimate, one-stop shopping experience for customers, event planners and Individuals. With our portal planners can turn their ideas into successful events. Qwik is a registered product of Qwik LLC.

Our innovative platform provides end-to-end event management allowing planners to engage and obtain a variety of services such as event location, catering, delivery, value added service and many more exciting features to the consumers.

Event planner and individuals use the platform to:

  • Use our Buzz board feature to communicate with event participant prior to and during the event.
  • Planning and managing events of any size by selecting venue, food, DJ and more... of your choice is just a click away.
  • Use the power of platform to manage, communicate and send invitations to friends & families.
  • Receive RSVP's and manage confirmed guest list to efficiently utilize resources
  • Share and relive memorable moments by having your event participants by sharing photos and videos
Qwik Events | V2Soft

Service Providers in helps to grow business rapidly by increasing orders for services with minimum investment. digital channels on mobile, internet, email and social media such as twitter and Facebook create a presence that will help businesses by increasing market share.

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V2Compare | V2Soft

V2Compare is a file compare tool used to compare xml and pdf documents.

  • A licensed standalone desktop product built on Java technology, which compares XML files and PDF documents and provides results in user friendly format with colour coding
  • Automates file comparison by eliminating the need for manual effort.
  • V2Compare can be configure to automate file comparison as part of automation testing.
  • V2Compare provides summary of differences as well as the detailed report of individual variances between the files.


HRMS | V2Soft

V2Soft HRMS is a Web-Based Human Resources Management Software which combines number of necessary HR functions, such as storing employee data, managing payrolls, Appraisal & performance record, benefits & vendor administration, dynamic reports and keeping track of activities. HRMS system ensures everyday Human Resource processes are manageable and easy to access with role based authorization within the system. HRMS seamlessly integrates with other sub systems in an organization.




EmployMe | V2Soft

V2Soft EmployMe is a web-based product which enables companies to provide the best manpower to their clients, so they can focus on higher value activities and empower high degree of integrity. Order module in the product helps you to create new job orders, view and edit existing orders. New job orders are created for recruiters to work and submit the sourced candidate profiles against the job orders. Product helps in managing candidate details and tracking candidate submitted to different job orders for recruiters, recruiter coordinators and sales person. Timesheet Module helps in managing the employee work hours whether they work at your premises or at client location. Employee can easily submit their timesheet bi-monthly.



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V2Soft has developed IT products and solutions, iConnectX - an online social platform and - a digital commerce platform. Learn more
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IT Products and Solutions | V2Soft
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V2Soft has developed IT products and solutions, iConnectX - an online social platform and - a digital commerce platform. Learn more