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At a time when the global economy is volatile and government regulatory compliance keeps changing, it is challenging for both customers and financial institutions to keep abreast of these fast changes in the financial world. The financial sector has seen turmoil several times in the last decade -- most recent in 2008, where almost everything came to a standstill. Some of the core challenges for the financial services industry are customer expectations, security, faster time to relationship, cost-to-income ratio, regulatory changes, security, digital experience and global growth. This has led financial institutions to adapt new technologies while providing faster and better services to its customers.

Banks, insurance companies, financial institutions or any company dealing with financials can benefit from V2Soft's 18 years of technology experience. We understand the need for providing technology expertise and have assisted banks, financial customers as well as non-financial customers with their financial regulatory compliance and security requirements.

V2Soft has used its position as one of the early technology providers to the industry by providing various IT services to our financial customers. Below are a few of our key offerings:

Key offerings:

  • Payment services
  • Fraud management
  • Mobile apps
  • Retail banking
  • Payments and cards
  • Loans and mortgage
  • Customized application development
  • IV & V partner
  • Automation suite framework development
  • IT professional consulting
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We have provided various IT solutions for financial services to banks, insurance companies, financial institutions etc.
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IT Solutions for Financial Services and NBFCs