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V2Soft, Inc. won Corp! Magazine’s Michigan Economic Bright Spot Award for 2017

V2Soft, Inc. recently won Corp! Magazine’s Michigan Economic Bright Spot Award for 2017. The award is given to companies being recognized for their continued economic growth, expansion and hiring Michigan’s brightest talent over the last 10 years. Corp! Magazine presented the award at a ceremony in June.

In addition, they will create a piece featuring our company’s background and achievements that will be published in the next issue of Corp! Magazine both print issue and digital ePublication.

As part of the Award recognition process, V2Soft submitted a 12-second video which focused on our being a Michigan-based company with a global reach, detailing our offerings of IT and Business Solutions. We were recognized for our numerous Fortune 500 Detroit Metro Area clients.

At the ceremony, Corp! Magazine Michael Mayette, Principal, Rehmann presented Varchasvi Shankar the award and recognized his efforts on keeping the company in Michigan.

V2Soft is proud to add this prestigious award to our company’s accolades.

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